An Immersive Approach

Life is our greatest movie ever. By day, we are fascinated by the people we come across and the things we see. By night, our dreams play cinematically and we love to share these with you. We’re Wonderfilm Pictures and we see the world as a movie.

Our Pictures

Our craft begins with true film artistry. It’s all-encompasing but it goes further than tradition too. We’re about being unintimidated to challenge things. To remove something entirely to keep it fresh. To let a silence be too long. To imagine being something rather than just to learn something. We are naturally drawn to art that can make you tingle all over, laugh or even cry. And we love to master the feelings inside people, whoever is watching.

Our People

From feature films, music videos to TV commercials or digital content, our team realise your vision in every sense wherever you are in the world. They’ll make you feel as if nothing we do has to be seen to be believed because raw passion is in their hearts. They’re 24 hour composers. They make your imagination seem tangible because it is – we get high off your outrageous and left field requests. Delivering something memorable and epic every time, with a touch of wonder.

A collective of talent

You might get hooked on working with us. You might think we’re over-intrigued with what you have to say. But along our journey, we’ve been drawn to so many fabulous individuals and we collect talent. We choose the best people to work on your project. People who are always happy to join us on both sides of the camera. It’s no wonder we put stars in their eyes.


Wonderfilm Pictures

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