America was always a place in my dreams and it turned out to be just the same Got myself psyched on the flight to New York watching Mrs Doubtfire – a strange thing but I have some kind of love for the legends that were born here and movies made in America. It’s true, I generalised America with my love for cinema. America was a place in my dreams and I always had some kind of weird nostalgia for it – walking the streets of it now, Déja Vu. For some reason I always visioned America from Mrs Doubtfires period of Hollywood, imagined all the streets like movie sets, the people to be like movie characters. Most of this all turned to be true. In my opinion, it says something that most of the biggest actors, actresses, directors or composers seem to come from America. Musicians too.
To be talented here is encouraged more and success isn’t envied, it’s more competitive. If you want to come here, NYC is like everything London should be. Having only seen one tiny part of this whole country, I know i get a glimpse of the whole picture. I’m naive but everything here is bigger, better and customisable. People say London is the best city in the world, but it just ain’t anymore… and I’m just an avid Londoner and lover. In America they raise their flag to show you’re on their soil, because that’s where you are, America, not so much political correctness and fear of offending somebody else. Too many American qualities fit into place for me, despite only coming here for a short break. All myths aside, the attitude, the people, the streets here, feel open. Comparatively, as a whole London has gotten too accustomed to so many, neggy vibes. Guys – i’m just saying, the cabs are yellow like the sun. The streets are named like Birthdays. I caught the bug. As for food. The burgers. I’m done. The pancakes. Don’t talk to me. Portion sizes not a myth. The duck was cold – don’t go china town. Trip Advisor. Pictures of the pizza slice, the size of my head taken in West Greenwhich Village Manhattan British and travelled to America? Let me know what you think… #newyork #manhattan #brooklyn #harlem #thebronx #queens #unitedstates #USA #america #theduckwascold #pizza #joespizza #travelphotography #travel#travelblogger #london